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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  March 6, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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the weather here is tucker barn s with the latest on that hey tucker >> i came in second in that competition. >> what was your talent? >> singing of course. >> of course. >> nice day, bright and sunny, and you know what a little on the cool side highs upper 40s, but again should be nice and dry for your tuesday. there is your radar a few clouds out to the north and west, mostly sunny day today, high clouds, from time to time but with high pressure out to the west, quiet kentucky and tennessee building across the region later today and tonight. cold temperatures right now in washington 35 degrees, town 35, 30 dulles, -- up to 35, 30 dulles and 32 ocean city no problems with your forecast today bright sunshine, a little warmer than yesterday highs near 50 by late this afternoon, nice warming trend, 5 day, spring like around here, by tomorrow, back to you.
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all right the polls are open in virginia, super tuesday, total of 10 states are voting today. >> today 's election could drastically change the field of candidates, melanie alnwick is live in great falls at a ling s many people? >> reporter: here and there a few maybe about two dozen voters have come here this morning so far the polls opened at 6 a lot of them believe the low turn out is because there are only two candidates on the ballot here but across the country it is super tuesday the contest to span the country, 419 delegates will be decided in 10 contests from alaska to vermont, right now, mitt romney is leading the pack in the delegate count with 203 delegates, santorum second with 92, newt gingrich 33 and ron paul has 25. >> i need your vote get out there and vote as many times as
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they let you. >> mitt romney leaving no stone turned in ohio -- unturned in ohio >> i did swing back and forth quite a bit i was looking at rick santorum but mitt romney has a good chance to win the presidency. >> more and more that is the romney argument, he is poised not to just have a good day in ohio but four other states as well massachusetts, vermont, virginia, idaho. >> people of ohio, you all know this is the biggest prize on super tuesday. >> rick santorum maybe losing steam in ohio a state he led a few days ago and missed the ballot deadline in some congressional districts here newt gingrich said he has to win georgia the state he represented in congress. ron paul may not win any state out right but is expected to pile up delegates in a number of contests everything though seems to come back to ohio not just for the primary. >> no republican president, not
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one who recollects has won the white house without winning ohio and this is an absolutely critical state for mitt romney or rick santorum or whoever is going to take away this nomination. well, the polls here in virginia close at 7:00 p.m. that is the case with many states ohio closes at 7:30 p.m., and then massachusetts, tennessee, oklahoma 8:00 p.m. that is for primaries here is the thing this is why it will be a long night caucuses they don't get under way, until this evening, so we are talking ability some of these states, such -- about some of these states such as idaho, getting their caucuses started until 10:00 p.m. eastern time it will be a long night before we find out who came out with the most delegates. >> yikes didn't know that. >> thank you. meanwhile later today president obama is giving his first press conference since last november, we will carry it live here on fox 5 just after 1:00 p.m. this afternoon, the president sid not take any questions when -- the president did not take any questions when he met with
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the prime minister of israel in the oval office yesterday. netanyahu told apic that iran is a threat to everyone. >> iran could threaten all of us with nuclear terrorism it could put a nuclear device in a ship heading to any port, on a truck parked in any city any where in the world. >> mitt romney, rick santorum and newt gingrich are speaking there this morning. >> house homeland security panel holding a hearing on why the suspect in an alleged suicide bomb plot on the capital had been living illegally in the u.s. for 12 years. he was arrested last month wearing a vest he thought was a bomb, it was a fake given to him by an under cover operative, he is a morrock can national. new this morning fairfax
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county police investigating a suspicious package found at a town house the cleaning crew discovered the unusual device in fairfax, explosive ordinants, specialists were called 6:30 p.m. last night they didn't wrap up their initial investigation until 4:00 a.m. this morning the homeowner is allegedly out of the country no charges are being filed at this time. >> also new, calvert county health officials are reporting a cluster of suspicious deaths, five area residents including four members of one family were hospitalized over the last two weeks, four of the five people have died of severe respiratory illness doctors are testing to determine what caused them to become sick they are urging anyone in the area with flu like symptoms to head to a doctor for an evaluation. >> six people displaced in anne arundel county after flames ripped through two town homes in pasadena, crews were called
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to cutler harbour, after 3:00 a.m. this morning, it took 75 firefighters to bring the flames under control, the cause of the fire is under investigation. some of our other top stories, scare on the george washington university campus late last night, the secret service alerted the school about a possible gunman heading toward campus they said the suspect was coming from the area of the white house the school issued a campus wide alert police searched but found nothing and gave the all clear around 11:00 p.m. last night. attorneys are narrowing down the jury pool in the wrongful death lawsuit brought by the parents of two virginia tech students killed in the 2007 shooting massacre. the parents want a full accounting from university officials on why they delayed warning students, that they hada gunman opened fire. university officials stand by their actions, once attorneys
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find jurors and alternates, opening statements will begin. questions are raised whether students of all races are disciplined even handedly. more than 70% of students involved in school related cases referred to law enforcement are hispanic or african american and black students are more than three times likely than white students to be suspended or expelled, the education secretary said findings are a sad fact. the department will release more details today. we are monitoring metro this morning, with more on a way you can have your about another round of proposals, metro is holding a meeting at st. columbus episcopal church
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allison. >> unfortunately, pedestrians are hit by cars a lot in district of columbia, d dot is out with a list this morning more than 24 intersections they say are dangerous. maureen ume tells us which ones to watch out for. >> reporter: cars versus pedestrians a battle waged daily on dc roads. pedestrians and bicyclists coming up on the losing end, far too often. >> drivers don't really care, i find, pedestrians or cyclists they think they just don't realize some of them might be crossing the street they don't look never turn around. the district department of transportation has identified 24 of the worst intersections for pedestrian crashes over the past three years mlk and howard road southeast, bening road east capital georgia avenue, kennedy northwest, are just a few of the danger zones, 14th
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street northwest also had several spots three in the heart of columbia heights at columbia, irving and park. it didn't take long for our cameras to capture the problem. >> yeah, as a pedestrian i am not sure entirely where cars are going to come from. not just drivers being careless pedestrians also share some blame for crashes with wreckless behaviour. >> people are walking jay walking all the time. >> she shares the pedestrian advisory council she says the district needs to do more to promote safety. >> 650 on average, a year crashes between cars and pedestrians is way too high, about two a day, we've got to get that number down that is absolutely imperative. >> she said enforcement of current laws is one way of helping solve the problem pee dustry januarys say anything that helps improve their safety is more than welcome in their daily battle against cars on dc
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streets. officials say they plan to make improvements to some intersections although they have not said what those improvements will be in the meantime they plan to step up enforcement and education in northwest, maureen ume fox 5 news. a mother outraged after her young daughter ends up in the hospital on the way home from school. >> she hit me and pulled me off the bus and beat me up. beat me up hit my head on the concrete. >> hear more of gladys's story and how no one stopped to help her. >> one mothers sacrifice to protect her children from last week's deadly tornadoes, will thomas is back after the break with an update on the clean up effort. 
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headlines this morning an indiana woman who risked her life to save her children from a tornado, 36-year-old stephanie decker was home alone with her two kids when the
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twister struck they took shelter in the basement of their three story home decker covered the children with her body, to shield them as the house was torn apart debris fell on her, she survived but she lost one leg above the knee the other above the ankle, the children though were not injured. at least 40 people in 5 states have died following a number of tornadoes across the midwest and south. survivors are now picking up the pieces and trying to move on. will thomas is here with more. >> good morning. just total devastation, right now thousands are still without power this morning many survivors in the hardest hit areas don't have homes or businesses to go back to work to. here is a closer look at the devastation and the tenacity. >> overwhelming, destruction, devastation, any word that you can think of, it is surreal. >> really sad it's someones
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home and just got destroyed. >> reporter: people living across the midwest and scott are trying to get back on thousand -- south are trying to get back on their feet. neighbors are helping neighbors. >> any way we can help them clean up brought them tools, chain saws. >> we brought food up here. friends and neighbors are supposed to come together and help one another. >> reporter: ferocious storms wiped one town off the map, marysville indiana now has no mayor, no school and no shopping center, volunteers there say they are determined to rebuild. >> this community is strong and these people will rebuild if not here elsewhere. i think marysville will be here you will come back in a few yearsee a nice beautiful green place. >> reporter: over in indiana, friends and neighbors gathered for a memorial service for an entire family killed by friday's tornado, joseph, his wife and two children fell victim to the wild weather
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their 15 month old daughter angel was found alive in a field but died sunday after being taken off life support. >> for such a young family they were so good and they had nothing, it didn't matter. >> today fema officials are spread out across the region to determine which areas are eligible for federal assistance. tony and allison they will look at scope and magnitude of the devastation and look at something important, uninsured losses a big part of this. >> heart breaking. >> all right thank you. >> you bet. black ice ohio, these pictures are incredible made for some oh, my goodness, made for some hazardous driving conditions all caught on camera, take a look at this drivers slipping and sliding, crashing into other cars yesterday morning multiple cars lost control due to the black eyes luckily no one was hurt, salt crews were called out to
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prevent further ice related accidents. >> philadelphia police on the hunt for three teens who allegedly took a school bus for a joyride in the middle of the school day yesterday, police say three teenage boys, hot wired that bus, taking it for a ride around town : when they got to a corner the boys couldn't navigate so they ditched it and fled the teenagers stole it from a parking lot while the driver was at her grandmothers funeral. that is how she made her living so y'all being childish and joke around and joyride on a school bus you threw some body's life off track who was already grieving. >> police hope to identify the suspects using surveillance video. take a look at these pictures from maryland's easter shore this is what -- eastern shore this is what happened when a student lit a flair on a school bus in chester town. there were 28 kids on the bus
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when set on fire 7 went to area hospitals with smoke inhalation everyone is expected to be all right. 11-year-old girl headed home from school on a metro bus wound up in the hospital she says she was attacked by a teenage girl. >> she says no one did anything to stop it. fox 5s. wisdom martin with her story. >> friday afternoon fifth grader, gladys parker was on the bus home from school. the driver hit the brakes. >> when he braked everybody moved i bumped into the teenager i told her sorry and things but she was just cursing me out. >> not only did the teen start yelling and screaming at gladys the verbal attack turned physical. >> she hit me and pulled me off the bus and beat me up beat me up hit my head on the concrete. >> during the entire incident
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she said none of the people on the bus including the driver did anything to stop the attack >> i was scared and thought i was going to get hurt i thought she was going to break something. >> battered bruised she called her mother. >> she said a little girl beat me up and i am hurt real bad mommy can you please come up here and help me. >> she picked her daughter up and took her to the hospital treated for concussion and numerous bruises and injuries. >> why didn't the bus driver call the police. she said they just sat there and watched them beat her. >> she doesn't know if her daughter will run into the person who beat her up again so she may have to drive gladys to school to make sure she is safe. >> why would they pick on a fifth grader. why would they mess with me?
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>> dc police are investigating, metro also says they will investigate. they say 75% of the buses do have video recordings they will check to see if they have any footage of what happened and thanks to wisdom martin for that story. >> new millionaire in virginia, a little good news, find out where the winning ticket was sold coming up next. >> we need the good news. >> yes. >> plus a dc coffee house is getting national attention which one is being called one of america's best first let's check with holly who is exercising with her little one this morning. hey, holly. >> hey, tony anybody can do squats but if you are a new mom, you want to do squats with your bundle of joy as your weight, we are live this morning at mind the mat in dell ray and they do have special classes called mommy and me and hayden and i are all over it this morning. we will tell you all about these classes all live later.
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you are the cutest weight ever 
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well, virginia has a new millionaire check your power ball tickets someone bought a ticket at sleepy hollow exxon, in falls church it is worth a million dollars the ticket, for the march 3rd drawing has the first five winning numbers but missed the power ball. the numbers are ... the powerball number was 35. congratulations. all right. >> starbucks, caribou dunkin donuts are household names but a coffee shop almost a century old is getting nationwide attention. >> me swing is voted one of america's best coffee shops, 17th and g across from the old executive office building started in is the 16 when -- in
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1916 when me swing and his son set up shop on e street in 2005 a wholesale customer bought the company. >> i hear a lot of stories about people going downtown and getting fresh roasted products from there with their parents with nary grandparents there is a love affair with the company we have meant a lot from a legacy perspective. the coffee is delicious, dark and rich and the best coffee downtown. >> he says the key to their success is freshness, all the products served at me swing is roasted within a 24 to 48 hour window unlike a lot of other coffee businesses, in the area. >> i am not a coffee drinker i would like to go there and smell it i love the smell. >> i would like to go and stand in that space operating since 1916. >> very cool. >> why new research suggests video games may be good for your brain. >> good to know. >> live lookout side right now
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hey, there is a nice view, and it is a cold start to the day but we do have a warm up on the way, tucker barnes is going to tell us all about that in just a bit. >> do we reckon that is georgetown day school >> i believe that is correct  [ male announcer ] for some reason
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chef. >> video games can change a person's brain for the better university research suggests gaming improves creativity decision making and perception. people who played action based games made decisions 25% faster than others, without sacrificing accuracy the benefits range from improved hand eye coordination in surgeons to vision changes that boost night driving ability. now, there is a down side, brain scans show that violent video games can altar brain function in healthy young men after just a week of play most studies look at adults rather than children. >> it can also change your life
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for the worst the guy that lives at my house might not have a job and needs a girlfriend. >> is that what he does all day plays video games. >> is he watching? >> no, he is probably still sleeping he was up late last night playing video games. >> oh, boy but that brain age, the reason why i got nintendo was because of the brain age it is really good. >> the games. >> right the game brain age, that is the only game i have. >> i have been playing wii it is fantastic. >> it keeps you mind -- >> i need to get that. >> yeah, it is good i don't do that well in it it is tricky. >> what do you play on wii. >> bowling and like the sports see they are fun >> i like the dance ones on wii. >> i have that too. right. >> i do boxing on wii and my son beats me. he beats me at everything madden football. >> their minds are more programmed. >> for awhile you were letting him win is he beating you officially. >> he just beats me yeah, i am not letting him win he honestly
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beats me in fact i am not enough competition for him any more. he doesn't like playing me any more. >> that is a sad turn of events. >> yes, it is. >> i have experienced that. >> do you get to assign the red skins every game. >> no, he is red skins but he built a super team. he drafted and traded for everybody in the nfl who is good. >> he is smart and good. >> that's right. >> hey, forecast just fine as you gather from our long conversation, looking at the sunshine and warmer temperatures over the next couple days, so cool, in fact we are cold overnight with most of the area at or below freezing during the overnight hours 38 washington yeah, 34 gaithersburg. still, 30s here, 20s manassas, 27 manassas, 30s off to the north and west, dulles, 34 degrees, down in leonard town, 34 and 37 fredericksburg, your temperatures south where you got the snow pack yesterday may
9:32 am
be held down just a little bit it will take a little energy to melt off the snow. a few clouds developing west, across the northern part of the viewing area, mostly sunny day high pressure west, come strolling across keep us nice and dry this afternoon later tonight, it will start to push off the coast once it does that, we are going to get a nice return flow and with winds out of the south here we go, right back in springtime temperatures starting tomorrow nice job showing you what is going to happen jet stream has temporarily dipped down into the mid-atlantic but start to retreat as we get into the night time hours during the day tomorrow as high pressure builds offshore get ready for nice weather high tomorrow 60s i think we will get awfully close to 70 for the day thursday, much warmer weather in the forecast for the next couple days. nice today, 49 your daytime high lots of sunshine so cool winds out of the north, 10
9:33 am
miles per hour, and then, seasonably cool tonight overnight low, 35 degrees not as cold as it was this morning clear skies quiet conditions winds, shifting out of the south, 5 to 10 that will allow the warmer air in tomorrow check out your daytime highs mid-60s not bad and then 70 by thursday, cool it down a little to the end of the week no more winter weather in the 5 day. all right that is a look at weather tony and allison back to you. >> very good. from the group queen to snoop dog one photographer has decades of experience capturing the perfect photo of celebrity. >> mick rock is displaying his work in dc and you can buy it i sat down with him to talk about his career as the man celebs turn to to look their best coming up next 
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british photographer, mick rock captured images of everyone from mick jagger to alicia keys you can see him at the w hotel in northwest dc since 2008 rock captured the portraits of the new musicians featured in this series now those with some of his more iconic images are on display. we caught up with him before the exhibit opened. ♪ [ music ] >> he is a friend of mine, i connected with him in the mid- 80s. >> reporter: he has chronicled the evolution of rock music through his capturing the giants in this genera. from iconic images of queen, ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: and david bowie ♪
9:38 am
[ music ] ♪ >> reporter: to a very young madonna. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: and ozzie osborne ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: they all trusted him and he got the shot. >> in a way, being mythological to me they were more like they were more like creatures almost, than people. i saw the magic. >> reporter: rock's 40 year career began when he was just 19 it started with a few pictures of pink floyd's sid bare on ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: but that led to a meeting with david bowie in 1972. ♪ [ music ] >> magical i think david was --
9:39 am
well, he was and is a master of his craft and i learned through photographing him. >> reporter: he would become bowies private photographer and that would lead him to other up and coming rock stars. >> i was lucky and had good instincts. >> reporter: a little divine intervention never hurts. >> my name, it is michael david rock. >> is that really your name? >> yes, i didn't need a name change sounds like invented it but didn't. >> reporter: his photographs are on display at the w hotel in dc he dished a little bit about some of his images not all rockers this is trueman kapote and andy warhol for high times magazine 1979. >> he was too drunk he couldn't
9:40 am
get into his santa outfit. >> there are several images he calls the modern like cee lo. chanel monet and lady gaga ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> again, just playing around, bono was playing around and just did it and i got it. >> looks like a habit she would wear later. >> the best out there, rock calls david grol and the foo fighters the best ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: in terms of rock and roll that could be the best out there today, the foo fighters. >> that shot with the tongue out was spontaneous. this one of debbie harry taken in 1978 was by design ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: no body was ever
9:41 am
as divine as her even i look at it at times and say oh, debbie give us a big kiss please. >> there are several photographs of the man the rock credits with putting him on top, david bowie. ♪ [ music ] >> he was a very long way ahead of his time like the profit of the mu millennium. >> reporter: we had a little fun with the agelessness of iggy pop ♪ [ music ] >> he has no body fat. >> none. >> he is weird i said so, i did him a couple years ago i said it is mysterious you have no body fat he said yeah, i don't know he says it is just the way i am built ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: and it is mick rock who took this for the cover of the i love rock and roll album in 1981.
9:42 am
>> it was the perfect moment and perfect shot. >> reporter: of course rock got lucky hundreds of times over 40 years not bad for a guy who said he never planned on being a photographer looking back he said it was his respect for the artist that made him successful >> my loyalties were to them not some corporation or some publication i wanted to please them. i didn't care what everybody else saw, if they were -- if they loved what i had done then i felt i had done the right thing. >> chef nelson jones is my -- >> nelson jones is my photographer on that piece you need an exhibit it is called mick rock images are available for purchase if you go bring your check book if it is a
9:43 am
little too pricey we showed this in the piece this is a coffee table type book and it is called mick rock exposed offers more than 200 of rock's best photographs, well known shots and never before seen images as well check out the exhibit until the end of the month. >> that is a great piece. and he looks great. >> he looks great, 15 years ago he almost died because he was living that lifestyle too he has changed his life around. >> was there ever anybody he did not get the chance to shoot he wanted to >> he said if he were a little older he wished he shot elvis also bob dillon in 65 and john lennon he shot paul mccartney but not john. that was a great piece. >> thanks nelson. >> talented high school students from the district gathered last night to compete for a $10,000 college
9:44 am
scholarship. >> this morning, the judge debbie alan and nya norwood are here to audiocassette about the experience -- are here to talk about the experience. nya will sing for us now on verizon's's 4g lte network. double your data. 4 gigabytes for just $30 a month. with 4 gigabytes, you could send and receive over 400,000 emails. or stream over 1,100 songs. or use gps navigation for 34 continuous days. all the data you need to power your favorite apps. 4 gigabytes for $30. only on america's largest 4g lte network. now buy one samsung stratosphere for $99.99, get another one free. verizon.
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>> more and more mommies are looking for ways to stay fit after having a baby. >> holly is at mind the mat pilates and yoga in alexandria virginia, learning ways moms can exercise with their new bay bays you have -- babies you have your new baby. >> reporter: i do this is hayden. you don't need any free weights here is my child he is coming in now just under 14 pounds, so i think we will be a good work
9:48 am
-- we will be good work out buddies you are the cutest work out buddy i have ever had. megan is leading the class it is mommy and me. >> every week tuesdays 11:00 a.m. bring your baby before they are crawling just a little more difficult when they are crawling. >> yeah, no, he is not crawling yet now this one, andrew he is a little more advanced almost crawling that is his mom sarah and laura and max resting up for future exercise. >> absolutely. >> you have done this before you like it? >> yes. >> where are we starting? >> on your back we will do a bridge a great exercise to get the hamstrings and glutes and core muscles to activate and mobilize the spine your baby will be on your lap or resting in the car seat. >> you will peel your spine up one vertebrae at a time and
9:49 am
peel down with your breath, inhale, exhale, peel up the whole time you are peeling up and down you are feeling your knee caps reaching long toward the mirror and talking to your bay diif you want to. >> chef we are negotiating he is like mom can i have an extra snack now that i am doing this. >> try not to it and up on live tv. >> hold it there at the top, we will work a little more into the leg i want you to squeeze your feet together and your knees together, and try to hold that position if you have pain in your knees i don't want you to push through it if it just feels like it is stretching that is fine we talked earlier how the inner thighs can help engage the pelvic floor so hold this position, make sure your chest is relaxed you have to think of your abdominals pulling down it is good to have the baby an your stomach. >> so i am holding my 3 month old trying to exercise and be on tv there is nothing about me
9:50 am
relaxed. >> just go like this ohm. >> okay. >> so holding there now i just want you to do teeny tiny pulses up you are not really bouncing the baby just pulsing the baby they like that movement keep squeezing your knees together this is where the fun part comes in. >> is this kind of funny like this is the reason i am whacked out for swim suit season but now he is helping me get back in shape. >> let's just two more you have to walk tomorrow right. peel your spine down one vertebrae at the time, do whatever you need to do to feel good. try to relax. >> do you find really not only obviously is it great physically for you to be back at it, be active but the fact that you can do it with your child emotionally, it is an exercise as well that is beneficial. >> absolutely a lot of moms come here to meet other moms and their children are the same age and they are still together
9:51 am
now years later they have mom groups and things like that. >> one last thing to fit in before we go. >> go ahead and keep your left leg down long on the mat and reach your right leg up in the air these are leg circles harder than they look so try to again relax your head relax your shoulders and then straighten your knee all the way. good and then once you have gotten your knees straight i want you to think about turning your foot and your knee caps out wardly keep pressing your left leg hard down into the mat >> i know we have been focussing obviously a lot on mommy and me talked about just the moms and infants as well but yoga and pilates is good for some body who wants to be active you have classes to help them. >> yes we like to say we have the perfect class whether you are recovering from an injury, you guys are okay with your legs up right. recovering from an injury, preparing for a race, you just want to get in shape, we try to have something for everyone.
9:52 am
>> our website we have a link to mind the mat we are at their location in dell ray they did just open up another new location in clarendon but if you are a new mom we want you to check out being active for yourself and your child and of course together as a family, hayden you just did your first exercise class hooray. say back to you. >> so cute. >> so cute all right thank you holly love it. >> some talent competitions offer a shot at prizes, hollywood career but the grand prize winner of dc capital stars competition gets something more tangible and more profitable a $10,000 college scholarship from dc college access program the grand prize was awarded last night one of the judges noted choreographer actress and director and beauty, debbie alan and the winner a senior
9:53 am
from duke ellington school for the performing arts nya norwood good to see you again. nya congratulations. >> thank you. >> this is let me start with you, give me your reaction to last night. >> um, i was just so like happy that i have support to go to college a little cushion for me to you know, get through this. you know that is all i was just so happy and one of my closest friends was in the competition with me and he won second place. >> that's great. >> i was just so happy to be in the competition with him. >> this is what dc cap is about supporting district high school students who want to go to college, some times with scholarship money other support assistance last night was kind of a big way to celebrate and do all of that and have something for the public to come out this is something that
9:54 am
goes on all year i understand you were surprised has night, all the winners were -- last night all the winners were because of what happened. >> yes, donors at the reception at the gala afterwards, they decided that they wanted to double our scholarship money. >> how about that. >> so i got $20,000. >> i have been a judge many years this is the heart of the business and philanthropic community of dc it is great. >> tell me a little bit about why you get involved with something like this >> i love so much young people and the aspirations and i know the degree of difficulty there is in getting to college it is so expensive today, just dwarfing the cost of college, and it is so necessary, it is something that we all need i know there is some little quirks going on in presidential campaign with some people talking about it is not quite what everyone needs but young
9:55 am
people with aspirations this is making our country more powerful we need brilliant young minds that are creative when you look at someone like steve jobs who was such an innovation tore he is a man that wanted to take a dance class and still studying all the things he was studying thinking outside the box in education and you know, just the american way, that pushed him to become who he was and give us all these things we have today. >> and the arts obviously enrich your life whether you do it for a living. >> enrich your life i don't know why they question arts and education people need to have a little dance lesson they need a pop when they start acting foolish. >> we want to get a little sample. >> she is amazing, she walked out with this dress i said oh, lee that horne amazing then she started singing i was like oh, it is hers to lose. >> we have to get to the performance what are you going to sing for us a little bit ♪ and i wish yojoy and
9:56 am
happiness but above all this, i wish love, and i will always love you, i will always love you, i will always love you ♪ ♪ i will always love you ♪ ♪ 
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